Thursdays Child – Artist Statement

Walking is my way to understand the place I am in and also my own capabilities. “Place” has many meanings; a location or perhaps a point in time or space. My walking and art are a two-way process, with my experiences on walks and in the studio informing each other and opening up new pathways to explore.

Walking is slow, I am immersed in my environment, exposed and therefore more engaged and responsive to the surroundings. A natural instinct to observe, map, collect and analyse data kicks in and throws me into the moment. This is how I understand and navigate “place”, through maps, geology, flora, fauna, weather, people, culture – systems of being. There is, therefore a different quality and response to walks somewhere familiar versus new territory.

My paintings and artworks are a distillation of my experiences walking mainly in British Land/Seascapes. Outdoors I walk; collecting, observing, photographing, thinking and writing whilst the resulting textiles, paintings or photographs are created in the studio. Like the walking the “making” is also a slow meditative process, often taking 2-3 years to resolve a series/avenue of ideas.

My artwork is heavily influenced by traditional and primitive forms of making, particularly those used by women to express their stories, eg quilt-making, embroidery, albums, amulets and symbols.